Tamper Evident Tape

Photo --- Tamper Evident Tape - Security Tape - Safety Seal Tape
Tape that leaves behind seal - Tamper Proof Sticker

Tamper Evident Tapes
Custom Printed Rolls.

Special Charactersitics Include:
sizes: 1.0 inch width and larger

Your custom message and graphics Imprinted in color over a white background.

Durable 2.0 mil Poly base stock. Face stock resists harsh enviornments, good for indoor and outdoor exposure that leaves a tight "void" pattern when tampered with. Glossy topcoat offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Excellent adhesion characteristics. Great for low temperature applications. Users will have confidence that the seal you put on is not tampered with.

Our tamper proof tape will leave incriminating evidence behind and ensure your packages arrive unopened.

Take the next step in security to make your office documents and shipped products secure.

Various application terminology: Safety Seal Tape, Tamper Evident Tape, Fool proof tape, tape that leaves behind a seal, safety tape, void tape, anti-theft tape.