Packing Tape

Our standard plastic packing tapes come with a tough and aggressive hot-melt synthetic rubber resin adhesive that is recommended for most packaging applications.

Printed packing tape - Custom printed packing tape. Printed shipping tape.


PVC tapes are a natural rubber based adhesive based tape recommended for recycled cartons and cold temperature applications. With their quiet unwind they are also ideal for office applications where noisy tape is not an option.

Acrylic tape samples in automotive tape rim
Photo of Acrylic Tape in multiple colors

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Packing Tape, Acrylic

Acrylic Tape

Our standard 1.6mil acrylic tape offers an economical solution for sealing light to medium weight cartons in extreme temperate environments. With its high clarity, UV resistance, and high resistance to aging acrylic is perfect for home, office, or automated applications.

Available in non-printable 1.6mil thickness and a printable 2mil thickness Qwik Tape premium acrylic tapes will withstand the extremes of cold and hot temperature environments to keep your package's contents safe.

Photo of Acrylic Tape used as tape for high temperature packing.

Product Category 

Packing Tape, Acrylic
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